Customize Time Format on ebay pages to Local Time


Does time listing on ebay pages confuse you? Want to get more comfortable with time format on ebay pages? Checkout MyTimeZone, it is a cool firefox addon for customizing time on ebay pages.

It automatically converts times on eBay pages to your local time zone and custom formats dates/times to be more readable. It also allows you to view and sort listings by total price including shipping and performs automatic currency conversion.

Also, there is a real-time auction countdown timer with the ability to play an alarm when a specified amount of time remains before the auction ends. After install it, you don’t have to specify your time zone, etc. It automatically detects and converts dates upon installation.

The extension can be turned on or off without having to restart Firefox and each individual feature can be enabled or disabled as you see fit. Very useful addon for ebay addicts! Download MyTimeZone


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