Show multiple clocks on Windows 7 taskbar

Do you want to display multiple clocks of different country and timezones? You can easily do this on Windows 7 taskbar using in-built feature of "Additional Clocks". It allows you to add and show two additional clocks on the taskbar. Using this, you can easily track current time of upto 3

How to change Date & Time on iPad

Is your iPad not showing correct date or time information? You can easily configure and correct date - time on iPad from Settings menu. You can switch between 24hours to 12 hours time clock or vice-versa from settings screen. You may have to use this feature while travelling to a different

Windows7 like clock on system tray in Vista & XP

Windows7 sports all new taskbar in terms of looks and components placement. For example, clock on system tray also show day-date information besides the time. It looks cool and render different looking clock area on the system tray. Now you can get similar clock on your Vista or XP

Display different timezone clocks on Windows desktop

Do you need a clock showing time of different countries? This may be required if you have relatives living abroad or you work with people from other countries. There are different ways to implement this depending on the operating system being used. End result displays time of different

Customize Time Format on ebay pages to Local Time

Does time listing on ebay pages confuse you? Want to get more comfortable with time format on ebay pages? Checkout MyTimeZone, it is a cool firefox addon for customizing time on ebay pages. It automatically converts times on eBay pages to