How to change Date & Time on iPad


Is your iPad not showing correct date or time information? You can easily configure and correct date – time on iPad from Settings menu. You can switch between 24hours to 12 hours time clock or vice-versa from settings screen. You may have to use this feature while travelling to a different country and making adjustment for new time (zone).

Date & Time settings on Apple iPad

1. Select ‘Settings’ icon on the ipad home screen.

2. Then tap on ‘General’ option on the left column of settings screen.

3. Now select ‘Date & Time’ option on the right column of settings screen.

4. Under Date & Time settings screen, tap ‘Set Date & Time’.

On this screen you can set relevant date and time on the iPad. You can also make selection for time zone and time format among 24hours or 12hours.



  1. there is no ‘SET DATE & TIME FORMAT showing on my ipad3, any suggestions?

  2. It still won’t do it!!!

  3. How to put notes on i pad .

  4. Real Madrid Fan says

    Thank You very Much, it helped me too much and you are the best !!!

  5. It’s ridiculous that the iPad won’t automatically sync itself with time servers….

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