Different time zones for events in Google Calendar

While planning event(s) that is spread across different countries, calculating time zone differences is very important task. You need to check on specific time zone difference of specific countries and mention time accordingly. Now you can manage all this easily using 'event time zones'

Adjust Outlook 2010 calendar items with time zone change

Looking for an easy way to update Microsoft Outlook 2010 data when time zone definition is changed? Microsoft Office Outlook Tool "Time Zone Data Updater" tool for Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 64-bit makes this quick and easy routine. This tool allow you to adjust Outlook calendar items

How to change Date & Time on iPad

Is your iPad not showing correct date or time information? You can easily configure and correct date - time on iPad from Settings menu. You can switch between 24hours to 12 hours time clock or vice-versa from settings screen. You may have to use this feature while travelling to a different

See email sender time zone & current time in Gmail

While on internet we do not care about geographical barriers and often communicate with people from other countries and regions. Each country has different time (& time zone) at any given point of time. Sending email to a person in middle of the night is not a good idea. Instead,