Change default programs settings in Windows 7


A specific type of file will always open in program application set default for that type (even in cases when you have better software installed for that type of files). You can easily make default program change by modifying default program file association on Windows 7.  This allows you to set specific type of program to open specific type of files on the PC.

Change file associations & programs

1. Goto Start > Default Programs.

2. Select the option ” Associate a file type or protocol with a program ”

3. A window will open which will display all the file types present on your system.

4.  For example, to change .jpg file association, select it and then click on Change Program.

5.  Then select program application best suited to open JPG files on your PC. Press OK  & Close the window.

That is how we can prioritize the programs and associate each file to be opened with the manual selection of our choice rather than going with the default program selection in Windows 7.


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