Check if my Windows 7 is genuine


“… Windows 7 operating system in NOT genuine” Are you stuck with this error message and want to confirm if Windows 7 on PC is genuine or not? For starters, it is important to have genuine copy of Windows 7 operating system installed on the computer to stay protected from malicious attacks and risk of counterfeit software. Following ways can help establish, if copy of Win7 OS is genuine or not.

Check Windows activation status

1. Goto Start & type activate windows
2. Highlight and click activate windows option.
3. A new window will open showing status of Windows 7 operating system installed on your computer. You are all good, if you see message “Activation was successful” with Microsoft Genuine logo on the right side.

Online Windows 7 Genuine WAT check

You can use WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) to confirm if copy of Windows 7 installed on PC is genuine or not. WAT also help protect against the risks of counterfeit software. It is an online check that enables you to verify that the copy of Windows 7 that is running on your computer is activated correctly and is genuine.

To get started, you can download install update (for X86 systemfor X64 system) for WAT to confirm if Windows 7 on PC is genuine or not [More Details]. Alternatively, you can goto and grab automatic updates for your computer.

If Windows 7 copy is NOT genuine implies that either you are using pirated copy of Windows 7 or respective dealers sold you bad copy of Windows 7 OS. If you are very sure of purchasing Windows 7 from reputed source, you may contact Microsoft to fix this issue.



  1. subhadeep says

    yaaahoooooooooooo my win 7 is genuine

  2. kimbunnith says

    i can’t access to “Activate Window”. why?

  3. I copied a genuine rtm copy of windows when i came 3 days until automatic activation.when pressed activate and its coming error code 0x8007232B. DESCRIPTION: DNS name does not exist.please help send some solutions to my ID…………………

  4. Hi can someone help me here.. i went online to check with Windows Activation Technologies and it said that everything was fine however when i go to activate windows in the systems area it said i have 30 days to activate. Also right click on ‘Computer’ also said Windows is activated. Should i be worried?

  5. yay! itss genuine!

  6. Yaaaahoooo!!!!!!
    Mine is activated:)

  7. yesssssssssssss my windows 7 is genuine

  8. yooo! My win7 is Genuine :)

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