Blend & merge images with transparency effects

Blending images in a graphic editor like Photoshop can take lot of time and need expert 'know how'. You can easily perform this routine in few simple clicks with elegant professional results using free "Image Inc" software. It allows you to blend multiple photos together, create

Merge word, excel Office files into PDF online

There are number of ways to convert and save MS Office Word files as PDF document. However, majority of such conversion routines require additional software or plugin for actual conversion. Loop Apps online converter eliminates such restriction. It allows you to join multiple Office files

Sync, merge Ovi Mail contacts & Ovi Contacts

Contacts management has gone easy with new Ovi Mail 2.0 update. Now you can access contacts as one merged contact list from Ovi Mail contacts and Ovi Contacts. It allows you to sync phonebook with Ovi Contacts and Ovi Mail enabling you to view, edit, delete or create your contacts from Ovi

Overlap & Merge multiple photos with merge tool

Overlap effect on multiple images can give cool new look to final image. We have already seen easy to use Image Merger app, checkout "Merge" tool with lot of advanced options. You can merge multiple images based on different parameters of size, placement, color, contrast and much

Find & Merge duplicate Gmail contacts automatically

Contacts listing grow as we send and receive emails in Gmail. It is important to keep contacts organized and tidy for easy navigation to required contact at specific time. We have already seen how to merge duplicate contacts one by one in Gmail contact manager. Now you can automate this

Combine & Merge multiple CSS files

CSS file is at the heart of styling any website. Each CSS file is different containing various style elements and classes. CSS Merge is a handy utility that allows you to combine and merge multiple CSS files. After the install, just drag and drop multiple CSS files into the application

Merge & Join multiple VOB video files

We have already seen way to convert VOB files into common format like AVI, FLV, WMV etc. Before such conversion, if multiple VOB files are bugging you - how about merging them? VOB Merge is a free utility that allows you to merge and join multiple VOB files into a single file. Merge VOB

Combine, Merge & Super Impose multiple photos with free image merger

Merging multiple photos can produce amazing photos from ordinary looking images. This can achieved in Photoshop application by playing around with different image layer. However, everyone is not comfortable or has know how to work in Photoshop. Image Merger is a free and very easy to use

Free tool to Split, merge & join PDF & TIFF files with drag & drop

Do you want quick and super easy way to split PDF & TIFF files? FaxTool is straight forward small utility that allows splitting and merging of any PDF / TIFF file(s). It works with easy to use "drag N drop" feature for splitting and merging files. To get started: 1. Download

Merge & join multiple mp3 audio files into single mp3 file

Are you looking for dead simple way to merge multiple mp3 audio files? There are number of free and paid software to cut, edit and merge mp3 files. However, most of these software leave user confused and going through tutorials in performing simple task of editing audio files. Well,

Merge & Combine multiple PDF files online

Majority of us occasional bump into PDF files. Ideally, one would require Adobe Acrobat software installed on the computer to work with PDF files. However, if installing additional software on computer is not your cup of tea (like many of us) try online alternatives. is a cool

Backup & Merge multiple Blogger Blogs

Blogger has been testing with Blog 'import & export' feature for a while now. It was introduced in 'Blogger in draft' as beta test feature. This featured has matured after lot of bug fixing and enhancement and is LIVE is every Blogger user's dashboard. With this feature you can