Combine & Merge multiple CSS files


CSS file is at the heart of styling any website. Each CSS file is different containing various style elements and classes. CSS Merge is a handy utility that allows you to combine and merge multiple CSS files. After the install, just drag and drop multiple CSS files into the application windows and click Merge button.


You can select sorting type for the merge process and check option to optimize the final merged CSS file. If the selected CSS files have same classes you will get a prompt (as in screenshot below).


In such case, you can select same class contents from either of selected CSS file to be included in the final merged CSS File. CSS Merge tool is a simple and very easy to use program for combining and merging multiple CSS files producing neat output!



  1. Does this take into account media queries, like the ones used in responsive web design?

  2. Ben Wheeler says

    For non-Windows users or anyone looking for a fast, automatic, commandline-base CSS merge/search tool, you might like to try my cssmerge program.

    As well as merging one or more stylesheets into a single coherent sorted output (complete with comments to show which file(s) each property appeared in, and warnings when a property has conflicting values), you can also selectively search or merge based on the selector, the property or both.

    These are handled intelligently so that, for example, if you search for the property font you also get font-size, font-weight etc (still presented inside CSS blocks with the relevant selectors that they were taken from). Likewise, selector searching tries to Do The Right (ie generally most useful) Thing. If you search for, say, the element a, it will match any block whose selector is a, a:hover, a.extlink, a#mylink, .foo a, #bar a, p a, pre > a, a + p, a img… (the last two don’t directly affect the styling of the ‘a’ itself but of an adjacent or descendent element, which it is often useful to know about in such a search), without matching #a, .a, etc. Of course this behaviour is optional, you can also search for an exact selector. Or a regex.

    Apart from perl itself the only dependency is CSS::Tiny

    It’s free software, and you can get it here:

  3. Arrww, 4 windoze !

  4. I think it is easier to combine css manually than using this tool. I’m looking for the tool thats removes all the spaces.

  5. i did it..i combined all my css and java files.but not with this program..i did it manually ..its more simple then i thought ..who is interested pls contact me

  6. i just used zbugs..i downloaded the compressed file and now what?
    whats the next step?

  7. You can use an online version of the tool like that at

  8. when I install the tool, it connected to a broken

  9. Sooo useful! Thanks so much…

  10. Very nice tool. I just downloaded and it worked fine for me.


  11. Great utility !!

    Could you have option to merge conflicting styles, where properties are different in each style sheet eg: background in one css and border in another?

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