Convert VOB files to AVI (& mp3, wmv, flv, mov, 3gp)


VOB (Video Object) files is a multimedia container format. It contains the actual Video, Audio, Subtitle and menu contents in stream form. You need to convert such files to a common video format for quick and easy playback. “Convert VOB to AVI” is a free converter utility for quick conversion of VOB files into AVI format. It also support number of other video formats.


Supported Video formats

1. Support converts VOB to MPEG4, DivX & Xvid
2. Support converts VOB to MOV (QuickTime)
3. Support converts VOB to FLV (Flash Video)
4. Support converts VOB to 3GP (Mobile Phone)
5. Support converts VOB to MP4 (Sony PSP format)
6. Support converts VOB to WMV (Windows Media Video)
7. Extract VOB audio to MP3 (Original Movie Soundtrack)

To get started, click Open button and select VOB file on your computer. Click to select resultant video format among various options. Click convert button to get VOB file in selected video format. Download VOB to AVI converter



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