See details of Mp4 file with Mp4 Explorer


Do you want to see finer details of a Mp4 file? Mp4 Explorer utility makes this all easy. Just load any Mp4 in this utility to see detailed information of selected mp4 file like version, compatibility, coding, flags, duration, time scale, tracks, smaple count and much more. It is a handy tool to inspect on each and every composition detail of a Mp4 file at hand.


“… this program can be used to extract all the boxes (box was called ‘atom’ in some specifications, including the first definition of MP4) of information, metadata and data from a MPEG-4 iso file (ISO/IEC 14496-12, ISO/IEC 14496-14, ISO/IEC 14496-15).”

It show details in easy to navigate Windows explorer format. This pogram for sure can come handy for users trying to use specific mp4 file to further use. With composition details all known, things will be all easy. Future release of utility may include video preview. Download Mp4 Explorer


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