Watch H.264 [mp4] videos in Chrome on Windows 7

Google Chrome will not support H.264 video format in upcoming version releases. So, how do you playback and watch H.264 encoded format videos in Google Chrome browser? You can easily add support for H.264 video format to Google Chrome browser by using "Windows Media Player Extension for

Convert movies to iPod Podcast M4V format

Do you want to quickly convert movie video file into podcast for your iPod? PodcastHelper is a simple portable tool for such conversion. It allows you to convert video file into M4V or MP4 format using easy to use 'drag ad drop' interface. Final created file is in iPod-compatible podcast

See details of Mp4 file with Mp4 Explorer

Do you want to see finer details of a Mp4 file? Mp4 Explorer utility makes this all easy. Just load any Mp4 in this utility to see detailed information of selected mp4 file like version, compatibility, coding, flags, duration, time scale, tracks, smaple count and much more. It is a handy

Free AVI to MP4 video converter software

"Convert AVI to MP4" is a free video converter software to convert AVI to MP4 files. For starters: AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved, while MP4 stands for MPEG4, short for Moving Picture Expert Group (4). MP4 formats takes less space, hence is ideal video format for videos on portable

Convert MP4 to MP3, free converter

"Convert MP4 to MP3" is a dead simple tool to rip MP3 audio from MP4 video files. It can extract audio part of MP4 or MPEG4 video files and convert the audio output in MP3 format. Resultant MP3 audio file can be played anywhere on different applications and gadgets like iPod, portable MP3