How to open Bing search without background image?


Bing search homepage comes loaded with decorative and fresh background image which can be downloaded for personal graphics collection. However, slow internet connection users may not like Bing loading with heavy background image – slowing down the whole Bing experience!


Here is relief, you can load Bing search without any background image. As expected, it loads up real quick on slow internet connection without the graphics background image hog. For this, instead of using use to load Bing without the bingie background wallpaper image. More Bing Search tips and features.



  1. There is a much simpler solution: just open Google instead of this imitation…

    • oO, your ideological commitment to Google is touching, but it is soooO old hat now. I remember when Google was breathtaking – always seeming to find the most arcane searches first page, now it is so manipulated by commercial interests that you have to click through multiple pages to get to the “real” search
      Bing is a breath of fresh air – and visually so beautiful, it makes doing search feel like when the internet was new – where you learn something new and unexpected every day

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