Save most used Searches on Windows 7

Do you often local search files related to same keywords again and again on Windows 7 PC? You can use 'save search' feature to save lot of time and efforts. This allows quicker searching for specific files and content on your local drive partitions. You can open saved searches anytime to

Change default search engine in Safari

Newer Safari browser version provide one more option for searching the web in the form of Bing Search. Now you can choose between Google, Yahoo, Bing search and use either as default search engine in Safari browser. You can toggle and switch between either search provider and use it as

Results suggestion feature on Facebook search

Facebook is used by many people around the world. Majority have made there account in order to stay in touch with there friends and family. Facebook is trying to improve the site by introducing new features. Just like Google suggest feature on google search, similarly now you can get

How to find Facebook Profile ID number

What is my Facebook profile ID? Many Facebook users could be looking for this answer as Facebook profile ID may be required for different tasks lik for using few Facebook applications, managing RSS feeds and much more. You can easily locate Facebook profile ID from profile photo properties

Use alphabet Gestures to search on Android phone

Is searching for specific item like contact or music track on your Android phone taking too much time and effort? Now you can perform this routine quickly without stressing yourself using Google Gesture Search for Android powered devices. It allows you to quickly search and find a contact,

Google Search cool Tips & tricks on one page

Bing is hogging the limelight for being "the cool search engine". Well, Google isn't far behind - it got all the features and resources (minus looks). Ideally we just type a keyword, hit the search button and let Google show up relevant search results. Besides searching for usual stuff,

Google Quick Box to search web, desktop & Twitter

Google Quick Search (QSB) is out for MAC platform (besides existing Windows). Once installed you can search any damn thing on your computer or internet. As you type, it will pop-up suggestions (like Google Suggest) for easy and quick click through to required stuff. As seen in image below,

How to open Bing search without background image?

Bing search homepage comes loaded with decorative and fresh background image which can be downloaded for personal graphics collection. However, slow internet connection users may not like Bing loading with heavy background image - slowing down the whole Bing experience! Here is

Google, Bing & Wolfram – search & compare together

We have already seen knowledge based search Wolfram helping out in mathematics problems and creating cool ringtones. We have even seen 3 web tools to search and compare Google and Bing results simultaneously. Here comes triple play to search and compare results from Google, Bing and

How to download old Bing homepage wallpaper photos?

Bing decision search comes with lot of features we have already seen and discussed. It comes loaded with glitzy wallpaper everyday. Wallpapers are so good that you might have been tempted to download them to grace your desktop screen. To get started with download process, you need to open

10 Bing Search tips & features for better searching

Microsoft has managed to create lot of hype for its newest attempt to capture search market with Bing Decision Search. It went Live a while back, if you are still planning to explore Bing, read on for quick, easy and more productive Bing Search drive. 1. Summary text - Don't be in hurry

Bing Search is now LIVE

Bing Search is now LIVE on the web, it replaces Microsoft's LIVE search. It has blue logo on the background image feature fierce snow leopard (is that a warning for Google?). Still early days, tryout few favorite keyword searches on Bing and see how it goes. One feature that should