Download Bing Search Wallpapers [Exclusive]

Microsoft's latest Google Killer attempt, Bing Decision Search is making lot of bing ding all over the web. Bing will go live in few weeks from now. We have already seen Bing Search leaked favicon and first look screenshot / video. Checkout few exclusive (why? - these are custom made by

Bing Decision Search Engine – Screenshots & Video

Soon after Favicon of Bing search was leaked, Microsoft has unveiled its all new 'Decision Engine' Bing. It looks jazzy and classic just like search. Coming to features, it has auto suggestions feature like Google. It gives you related search query suggestions on the left

Microsoft Bing Search – logo (fav)icon leaked

Microsoft is trying hard for its Google killer to capture online search market like never before. It has failed (sort of) with and now trying to add different services around Live brand. Microsoft's search engine aspirations has come forward in the form of or

Search photos on Twitter with PicFog image search

PicFog is a real time image search for photos being shared on Twitter. Homepage displays real time result of photos being splashed one after another derived from Twitter image hosting services like: TwitPic, Yfrog and Twitgoo. You can hit the pause button and get started with searching

Search Flickr photos by location on the map

Do you want to see Flickr photos from the place or location you reside? Flickr Searchr makes this real easy involving few simple mouse clicks. To get started, click 2 locations on the Google map displayed to define the geographical area for which Flickr image results should

Search Google & Twitter at the same time – Twootles

Twitter recently launched real time search for all Twitter users. It helps you search information on hot keywords in real time. There is buzz of it being Google search killer. Both Twitter and Google search produce lot of unique results, when it comes to quality and use-ability of search

Real Time Twitter search, save favorite searches

Finally, Twitter has added real time search feature available to every Twitter user. Login into your Twitter account and you will find little crowded left sidebar. But you will love this crowd, below the usual elements will you see cool looking search box. Type any keyword and hit the

Find similar images on Google Image search

Google has launched new experimental feature that allows you to search for similar images among image results using Google Image search. Just type any keyword and hit the search button to see image search results. Click on 'similar images' link under any image to see other image results

Google Image Search, photo color filter search

Say you are searching for images of 'flowers' but only yellow flowers using Google Image search. We have already seen manual URL hack to search specific color images. Google has now added this feature officially can be accessed using color selection box. As seen in image below, you can

Find alternative to any software application program

Sometimes a cherished and favorite software disappoints as a result of new update or feature change. Then begins search for alternative software of your favorite software application or program. We get about asking friends, post on forums, social websites to check of different alternative

Easy Gmail searching with search auto complete

Gmail gets new feature of search autocomplete to help you dig out specific email message more quickly and easily. Just like Google Suggest feature, this feature pops up suggestions for keywords you type in search box in your Gmail inbox. To get started, enable AutoComplete by going to

Search & monitor Twitter with Yahoo Sideline client

Yahoo has launched an Adobe Air based desktop client for Twitter. Best part (or worst part), it only has limited features as compared to other desktop Twitter client. It does not allows you to send or track tweets from friends. It only supports searching for hot keywords and stuff on