Search default Router username & password

Router username and password is required to reset the router or to change router settings. Different models of router has different default username and passwords. If you are not sure about default login details of your router then head over to Router Passwords. It has database of

Check & track flight status using Live Search

Ianm has discovered a cool feature of tracking flight status using Live search. Just enter the flight number and hit the search button to see LIVE flight status. For example for British Airways flight number ba 10, enter flight status b10 in the search box. It will show to - from location

Search Doc, PDF, PPT, XLS & ebooks with DocJax

Are you looking for an easy way to search for specific documents and PDF ebooks? Well, tryout DocJax - a search web service for required documents all over the internet. Just enter a specific keyword and hit the search button. Results are neatly displayed indicated by document type icon

Search bride that looks like bollywood babes

Searching for people resembling your face is nothing new. We have already seen Picitup Celebrity Matchup that allows you to search for celebrities resembling your face. Facial search gets to new level allowing you to search bride resembling bollywood babes. This is all possible using

Download free Dictionary, 30+ dictionaries included

We are web connected and head over to Google or specific online dictionary to look for meaning of specific words. How about goodness of best of dictionaries on your computer itself? Ultimate Dictionary is one big daddy of best dictionaries around. It has collection of over 30+