How to find Facebook Profile ID number


What is my Facebook profile ID? Many Facebook users could be looking for this answer as Facebook profile ID may be required for different tasks lik for using few Facebook applications, managing RSS feeds and much more. You can easily locate Facebook profile ID from profile photo properties or looking at URL at that webpage.

Locate Facebook Profile ID

1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. Click on profile button (at the top right part of the page).
3. Right click on your profile image & go the properties.

4.  The number following  this code 1&id= is your profile id. It will be digits unique code. You can also see profile ID number in the address URL bar of the browser.

If you are using custom username for Facebook profile, then unique profile ID will not appear. You can enter custom username where profile ID may be required.



  1. Thanks for the trick

  2. .can someone get her ID for facebook,password, and email?? please email me. i want check whose guys always contect her.she is my girl i really need help

  3. hi, I have a problem someone has open an acount facebook in my name and he spam with my name please talk to me if you can block this acount.
    my email is posted thanks

  4. How do you share or add your profile link in websites?

  5. Even easier… just type in and change the “rossdunn” to whatever their Facebook name is. Then you will get an output with their ID information and more.

  6. was able to do it several month’s back and now i can’t. you think they’ve fixed it?

  7. i want to sign my facebook please help me

  8. THANK YOU! Ditto to what David said above :)

  9. How to chamge the ID number.

  10. Hello,

    That was incredibly helpful to me, thank you. I had spent a great deal of time searching Facebook for the Profile ID Number, and you only took 30 seconds to explain it to me. Thanks again.

    Best wishes,

    David Maddux

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