Witty Status Messages for Twitter, Facebook, forums


Having a strong and naughty punchline under profile link at different social networking websites and forums is a must have for most of us. Checkout few witty status punchline messages for imaginary user ‘Tom’

  • Tom was incomplete until he got married. Now he’s finished!!
  • Tom is borrowing your underpants for ten minutes.
  • Tom says: “What would Scooby do?”

Like the above punchlines? Well, you can create own funny, witty status messages automatically using cool web service ‘Generatus’. Just enter your name, gender and hit the ‘generate’ button. Keep clicking ‘generate’ button for fresh status message line.

You will also see filter keywords, you can click on them for more keyword relevant status messages. A status like “Dave is mowing the lawn” or “Kate is asleep” is not going to impress that huge entourage of friends. Never fear! Your days of boring status updates are over with Generatus.


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