Add funny ‘via text’ to Facebook status message

We can use our creative mind to post funny status messages on Facebook profile for your friends to enjoy and laugh. We can take this step further by adding funny "via text" to your Facebook status messages. This requires little technical help for implementation of funny (and custom) via

Witty status messages for Yahoo chat in single click

Setting custom status message for Yahoo chat is a routine for many users. Custom message has to be (funny yet) relevant to personality of a specific user. If you are lost on funny one liners for your Yahoo chat status then checkout automatic 'status-o-matique'. In single click you are view

Update Yahoo chat status message from Yahoo Mail

Yahoo chat is a popular way to stay connected with friends and family members online. Besides the usual chat, you can let every Yahoo buddy know about your current status through custom status message. In addition to using Yahoo Messenger software to update or set status message, you can

Hard disk status LED light on system tray

Incase you love to spice up desktop with some fancy stuff along with little functionality, then DiskLED is for you. It shows Hard drive status LED light blinking on the system tray. Just like we have physical hard drive status light in the front of CPU tower, you can get similar virtual

Google Apps Dashboard for status of Google Services

Gmail went down few days back and there was flood of complaints for Google. To address such situation in future and keep Google services users updated, here is Google Apps Status Dashboard. It lists status of different Google services including: Gmail, Calendar, Gtalk, Docs, Spreadsheets,

Witty Status Messages for Twitter, Facebook, forums

Having a strong and naughty punchline under profile link at different social networking websites and forums is a must have for most of us. Checkout few witty status punchline messages for imaginary user 'Tom' Tom was incomplete until he got married. Now he's finished!! Tom is