Update Yahoo chat status message from Yahoo Mail


Yahoo chat is a popular way to stay connected with friends and family members online. Besides the usual chat, you can let every Yahoo buddy know about your current status through custom status message. In addition to using Yahoo Messenger software to update or set status message, you can also do same online from within Yahoo Mail inbox.

Set custom Yahoo chat status message

1. Goto Yahoomail.com and login into your account. Make sure you are using new Yahoo Mail interface. If you are using Yahoo mail classic, switch to new Yahoo Mail using option at top right part of the inbox.

2. Then click on ‘Available’ and click ‘custom status message’ option (see screenshot).

3. In the pop-up window select busy or available and type your custom Yahoo chat status message. Click OK for all new chat status message for your Yahoo account.



  1. i have the new Yahoo!Mail and i don’t know where is the status .. can you help me,please?

  2. i am able to login to my yahoo mail, but unable to connect to chat, please help. thank you

  3. Randy langley says


    I just reinstalled my computer and for some reason there is NO Chat Status or even any Chat Option. At the top by my name the only thing next to it is Sign Out…There is No in betweet Chat Status at all…I am not sure why but I am unable to figure out why this Opion is not coming up…?

    Can you help with this ?

    Thank You,

    Randy Langley

  4. I’d like to delete (remove) my “custom-chat-status-message” but I do not know how.

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