How to send free SMS from Yahoo Mail to any mobile?


Yahoo Mail new interface makes it real easy in sending free SMS to any mobile phone. There is no registration, you only need two things: a free Yahoo Mail account and mobile phone number where you want to send the free SMS. To get started, you need to switch from classic Yahoo Mail to new Yahoo Mail – here is the simple procedure:


1. Login into Yahoo Mail & click “New Yahoo Mail” link at top right.
2. Your Yahoo Mail inbox will load with a new look. Now press t key.
3. Select your country and form to send text message will load in your Yahoo Mail inbox.

Now enter the mobile phone number (no need for country code) and your SMS text in the “New Text Message” form. Click the send button and your SMS recipient should receive the SMS within few seconds. Worked like charm, tested few times! [Send free SMS from Gmail Chat]



  1. i have a problem i want to open mobile device but i cant any one help me how can i do

  2. hi my friend how to send sms to malaysia…?
    pls tell me…

  3. Suresh Dhakar says

    How can we send Free SMS With out Showing my number And Number Show Like LM- My Orgization Name .

  4. how do i send free text to mobile phones in nigeria

  5. This site allows free international sms to over 200 countries

  6. unlimeited sms free texing

    have fun :D

  7. vikassharma says

    how tosend a message

  8. Send NO cost sms to anyone over the world:

    Works for almost any country

  9. I want send sms on mobile.

  10. how can i sent sms to mobile phone i tried but not getting please me how to do

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  13. i want to send msg to UAE why i can not?

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  18. Does this apply to international texting

  19. Aparachitt says is also a recently launched free sms website that provide free sms to there users in India

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  24. sunil shrestha says


  25. sanket shah says

    hey….. i cant open my account on way 2 sms, so, tell me hw i open? my password and number is right bt the account is nt open

  26. You can also use websites, such as to send and receive free sms text messages to any provider!

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  28. Clarnombres says

    I see images of my friends whenever they are offline and on SMS. how can i do the same?

  29. Maybe try sending with yahoo messenger?

  30. i want to send sms to mobile phone….by using internet. but how?

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  32. pratik mishra says

    how can send picture to mobile from internet?

  33. Kaushik chatterjee says

    could not send msg to a friend in usa.

  34. I want to send sms on yahoo ,please tell me how?

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  36. Sorry but not working in the UK. There is no option to send a text anywhere in the programme or in the Mail Plus option. Maybe one day…….

  37. how to sent SMS from Macedonia?

  38. is it have charge to send sms to mobile fhone??

  39. send free SMS

  40. to the pc

  41. Just wondering if anyone has tried If so is it actually free to send sms? Thanks in advance.

  42. how can send sms to yahoomail id

  43. I think that’s really good if you have a yahoo email address if you don’t you might want to try that’s the site I use.

  44. ashok bhatia says

    my question was multiple contacts at one go in yahoomail sms service, any system is there to operate

  45. it really works… thanx dude!

  46. hey i m able to send only 2 sms

  47. Send 140 character Free SMS Across India with An excellent site for sending reliable SMS, Wallpapers, movie reviews, music reviews, chat.

  48. I am chek the yahoo mail in my any way send sms to mobile

  49. I type T key but nothing shows to my account.

    Any help please?

  50. How about some of us that our country does not appear on the country selection page(Nigeria),what do we do?

  51. How do I text groups repeatedly without picking group from contacts again.

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