How to switch back to old Yahoo Mail layout version

Yahoo Mail recently celebrated its birthday by unveiling all new look and loads of new features. Most notable feature was introduction of disposable temporary Yahoo email IDs and other features include: https security, email forwarding, 1GB storage space. Besides the feature surprise,

Transfer Facebook friend contacts to Google+ Plus

Google+ Plus is new social networking service from Google, which is in direct competition with Facebook. As a result, there is no direct method to transfer Facebook friends and contacts easily to Google+ Plus service. However, there is a work-around to import and transfer Facebook contact

Change theme of Yahoo Mail inbox

Gmail has cool themes to customize look of your email inbox. Now you can do same in Yahoo Mail inbox. New feature addition allows you to change theme look of your Yahoo Mail account. You can dress up Yahoo Mail interface with any predefined theme featuring your favorite colors and

Add & use applications in Yahoo Mail

You can enrich email routine in Yahoo Mail using different applications. Each Yahoo Mail app adds specific functionality and feature to Yahoo Mail usage. You can add and use specific apps from application gallery within Yahoo Mail inbox to perform tasks in addition to regular email

Send stylish & colorful text email in Yahoo Mail

Bored of usual looking text style and color while sending emails to friends? Now you can spice up text with radical looking stylish text and colors in Yahoo Mail using "My Cool Fonts" app. This app feature allow you to style email text with different looking font styles and color. Best

Add & link Facebook account with Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail can be used for more just sending and receiving email. If you are an active Facebook and Yahoo Mail user, then you can enjoy goodness of Facebook from within Yahoo Mail inbox. For this you need to add and link your Facebook account with your Yahoo Mail account. Once you link

Post updates on Facebook from Yahoo Mail inbox

Ideally, a Facebook user will goto to post and update status messages. Besides using destop client software like Tweetdeck, you can also update Facebook status from within Yahoo Mail inbox. Best part, there is no need to download or install any software plugin for this quick

Witty status messages for Yahoo chat in single click

Setting custom status message for Yahoo chat is a routine for many users. Custom message has to be (funny yet) relevant to personality of a specific user. If you are lost on funny one liners for your Yahoo chat status then checkout automatic 'status-o-matique'. In single click you are view

Update Yahoo chat status message from Yahoo Mail

Yahoo chat is a popular way to stay connected with friends and family members online. Besides the usual chat, you can let every Yahoo buddy know about your current status through custom status message. In addition to using Yahoo Messenger software to update or set status message, you can

Hide & remove advertisement in Yahoo Mail temporarily

Newer Yahoo Mail has banner advertisement on the right side as against top banner ad in previous Yahoo Mail classic. Due to right side placement the email reading space reduces and can cause discomfort with user having to scroll down to read full email message. Now you can disable right

Import Facebook & Gmail contacts to Yahoo Mail

If you are a regular Yahoo Mail user, then get goodness of your contacts on other social websites into Yahoo. This can be easily done by importing contacts and email addresses on other popular services like Facebook, Gmail, Live into your Yahoo Mail account address book using importer