Post updates on Facebook from Yahoo Mail inbox


Ideally, a Facebook user will goto to post and update status messages. Besides using destop client software like Tweetdeck, you can also update Facebook status from within Yahoo Mail inbox. Best part, there is no need to download or install any software plugin for this quick Facebook update funtionality.

Update Facebook from Yahoo Mail account

1. Goto and login into your account.

2. On the inbox screen click “What are you doing right now?” link.

3. Then click “Add a Facebook” button. A new window will open, enter your Facebook account login. This will allow you to link your Facebook account with your Yahoo Mail account.

4. Once Facebook account is linked, type your message in the box and click Share button.

You can type any message or use automatic Yahoo Mail witty status messages . The message will posted on your Facebook account (make sure “add to Facebook” option is checked, before your click on share button to post message on Facebook profile).



  1. Post update on Facebook from Yahoo Mail inbox

  2. i’d like to update my facebook

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