Best tips to protect & secure Facebook account


Facebook account is an online identity for majority of users. Hence, it is important to secure your Facebook account. You can easily secure and protect Facebook account from bad elements by following few basic routines. It involves keeping your computer and web browsing habits in good shape.

Secure Facebook account: Basic usage tips

1. Proper Facebook Login – Never click any URL in email or other document to open Facebook Login page. Always, goto and enter your login details to access the account. Redirected clicks in most common way to hack Facebook account and it can be easily avoided.

2. Secured version – Use more secured https version of Facebook website as against default http version. The https version is more secured as connection between you and Facebook is encrypted. SSL encryption does not allow hackers and sniffers to intercept your data being exchanged and transferred with Facebook website.

3. Strong Password – Use strong password with proper mix of numbers, alphabets and capital letters. Never use your nickname, date of birth, pet name of password as these can be easily broken into. You can use strong password by re-creating strong password version from existing password.

4. Interaction on Facebook – Be careful while interacting with other people using Facebook. Only friend people you know on Facebook website. Beware of ‘goofy’  posts from anyone including friends, as someone might hack your friend’s account and start sending links with intention of spreading malicious content.

5. Facebook usage & apps – While logged into Facebook account, never paste any code or script in the address bar of the browser. Malicious codes and scripts can easily extract your personal information from Facebook account. Also, be careful while connecting your Facebook account with Apps as few Apps may have bad motive as against advertised functionality.

6. Keep PC clean – Make sure your computer is free of viruses, spyware, adware and other type of malicious infection. You can use any security software or go for free anti-virus and free anti-spyware software for protected computer.

7. Internet Etiquette – Most of use follow basic internet etiquette unknowingly. However, some of us miss on them resulting into un-protected web accounts. Make sure you do not store or share login information in public interface like forums, sending emails and other social networking websites. Always confirm is the offer is genuine where participation require your account login details.

8. Update software – Make sure operating system updates are installed in timely manner. Also, web browser being used to access Facebook is updated with latest security fixes. Checkout more security tips at Facebook Security group. Incase your Facebook is hacked as a result of lack of security, there is procedure to recover hacked Facebook account.

Besides above there are number of other advanced factors to consider while taking care of Facebook account security. You can also download free official Facebook security guide [PDF guide] from Facebook team for more indepth information on various aspects of Facebook account security. [Updated article, originally Published on May 13, 2010 ]



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