Best tips to protect & secure Facebook account

Facebook account is an online identity for majority of users. Hence, it is important to secure your Facebook account. You can easily secure and protect Facebook account from bad elements by following few basic routines. It involves keeping your computer and web browsing habits in good

Block websites in Internet Explorer

Internet provide access to content of every type. Children and other young users must be protected from accessing content meant for mature audience. If you use Internet Explorer browser to surf websites, you can easily enforce strict access restrictions. IE browser allows you to add and

Block images on webpages in Firefox

Do you want to block images loading or being displayed while browsing specific websites? This can enhance browsing speed on slow internet connection and save on bandwidth costs. Parents can enforce strict control by blocking images on websites not fit for viewing by children. You can

Add password to compressed zip file in WinZip

Winzip is popular way to compress and share files with ease. It also has encryption capability allowing you to protect sensitive data or documents contained in an archives file. Encrypted winzip files can only be viewed by users with correct password for the protected winzip archive file.

Redirect Folder to control panel using Notepad

Is you PC used by many people at home or office and you need to secure the data? You can secure it by redirecting a folder to some other location (like Control panel). You can apply this redirection to any folder containing important files and folders using Notepad. This helps protect

How to add password to Microsoft Word Document

Many use Microsoft Word program to write down important thing like writing dairy or confidential data at office. Sometimes, we need to type secret or confidential data that should not be seen by everyone. This can be done by adding password protection to a Microsoft Word document

Protect Eyes from computer screen glare

Lot of people use computers for long hours on daily basis. While few use PC for long time due to work profile constraints other prefer to stay connected to computer to socialize and interact with friends on social websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. What may be the reason, it is important

Open PDF documents password protected by SecureDisc

For starters, SecurDisc is duplication protection feature for PDF files so that they can be only read and not copied, edited or sent electronically. Files protected using SecurDisc can only be distributed using an original DVD which is read by the recipient with the help of a SecurDisc

Add copyright watermark to PDF files online

We often add watermark message on images to protect them from illegal copying. Besides images, we can use similar watermarking technique to protect PDF document files. PDF Watermark is an online tool to add quick watermark to any PDF file. To get started, click browse button to upload PDF

Download AVG antivirus free edition software

AVG is one the best alternative among free antivirus software. If your PC is getting slow or you just got a new PC, after you decrapify your computer of unnecessary trial software, get a good security software installed on your computer. AVG basic free edition is more than enough for your

Download Free security software, a-Squared 4.0

We have seen number of free Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software that can offer protection to your computer. A-Squared is a free security software that offer combo protection doubling up as Anti-virus and Anti-spyware at wonderful price of $0 It can scan your PC for infections of

UnLock protected RAR archive files via WinRAR Unlock

Just like Winzip (zip), winrar is another popular archive format. One can create locked WinRAR archive file using archive creators. Such files cannot be  modified by everyone and are protected from content changes. WinRAR unlock is a small utility that allows you to break this lock and