Protect Eyes from computer screen glare


Lot of people use computers for long hours on daily basis. While few use PC for long time due to work profile constraints other prefer to stay connected to computer to socialize and interact with friends on social websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. What may be the reason, it is important to take care of eyes while using computer for long duration. Following tips should help protect eyes from computer screen glare. [Photo Credit]

Simple & Quick Tips

1. Close your eyes for few minutes. Make sure you blink eyes after sometime to prevent dryness as a result of prolonged concentration on the computer screen.

2. Take a break after every few minutes (5mins to 15mins). Look at distant things away from the monitor to relax eyes. Best is to take a quick walk to grab coffee or perform some short activity.

3. Use resolution level with font size display comfortable to your eyes. Small font display with high resolution for sure will hurt eyes in long run.

4. Room should have proper light (use natural day light, if possible). Block excessive lightening that may cause discomfort working on PC.

5. Background wall or structure behind monitor should not be glarry or loud. This will distract you and cause more strain trying to focus on the screen.

6. Tone down monitor display color and contrast for display that is easy on eyes.

PC Hardware tips

1. Use bigger size monitor with preference to flat screen display.
2. Use anti glare cover over screen, specially while using CRT monitor.
3. Keep monitor screen clean from dust and finger prints.
4. Keep good distance (abt 20 inches) between your eyes & monitor screen.
5. Use proper adjustable chair to fine tune your eye level with the screen.
6. Keep monitor level aligned to your eyes. Top of monitor should be little below your eye level.

Preventive tips

1. Get your eyes checked from doctor on regular basis.
2. If possible, remove contact lens and use glasses while using PC.
3. Sit upright to stay fresh all the time.
4. Increase intake of Vitamin-A diet for better eyes.

Free tools to protect eyes

1. EyeCare This small tool sits on system tray and reminds you to take short breaks after regular interval of time. It displays a blank screen enforcing rest for some time. User can enable, disable rest enforcement as needed.

2. Flux This program adjusts computer display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. It can result in better and more easy on eyes experience while using PC.

3. Eye Protector PROThis software reminds you to take breaks from computer and perform light stretching excercises. It is an eye care / RSI prevention software available in both free and paid versions.



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  2. All these tips are must for geeks and bloggers.. We all are suffereing from eye sight problem

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