Connect external monitor to Windows 7 laptop

You can easily extend display of your Windows 7 PC to external devices like 2nd external monitor or a projector. Windows 7 allows automatic configuration of settings when an external devices is connected to the parent computer. You can connect external display to watch Youtube, Netflix,

Blank computer display screen with screensaver

Do you want to blank out computer display screen without pressing turn off button on the monitor? You can easily do this through "Blank screensaver" program. It is a portable and very basic portable screensaver program. Just double click the blank screensaver file to blank out the monitor

Protect Eyes from computer screen glare

Lot of people use computers for long hours on daily basis. While few use PC for long time due to work profile constraints other prefer to stay connected to computer to socialize and interact with friends on social websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. What may be the reason, it is important

Turn OFF monitor display with keyboard shortcut

Turning OFF monitor when not in use is good habit that has many advantages like: prolonged monitor life, saves power, good for environment etc. Many of us tend to ignore this because this require user to press OFF button on the monitor - which is too much of task, isn't it? How about doing

How to reduce LCD monitor brightness by any percentage level?

Newer monitors are way too bright and emit lot of glare splash. Even lowering brightness from monitor settings does not actually reduce brightness display level. Small utility Monitor Bright can come handy in such situation. It allows you to reduce monitor brightness to any level without