Re-Create strong passwords from current passwords


Passwords are very important in online world while accessing web accounts of different services. It is important to have different and unique password for each web account. However, during this remembering all those passwords can be a big task. If you happen to use very common and weak password – here is an easy way to refresh and regenerate them into more stronger passwords.

Regenerate stronger version of current password

Password Renew is a handy portable tool to refresh and renew password into more stronger version. To get started, enter your current password and then select ‘password scramble method’ from drop down box. Click the scramble button to generate stronger (refreshed) password.

Based on the selected password scramble method, utility window will also show if final password is weak, mediocre or strong. Play around with options and generate stronger version of your current password.

More Resources for strong password

1. Generate multiple username and passwords that you can assign to different web accounts. Generator tool keeps the guess work out, providing you all unique username and password details.

2. Generate complex passwords with specified number of characters and other aspects like uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.

3. Checkout random number key generator for generating strong random passwords that can be used as part of login details for your web accounts.


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