Create more secure & complex iPad login passcode

By default, iPad has simple passcode feature allowing you to select only 4 digits password. You can use this feature and lock ipad with login password to restrict usage. Using simple passcode has serious limitation of password being too simple. The default simple password feature only

How to find all Login passwords stored on Windows

Ability to save username and password (login) details is a common feature in number of Windows applications. Programs like Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer allow users to save login password details. This results in quicker login into web accounts of email,

2 Ways to view Passwords stored in Google Chrome

Just like other web browsers, Google Chrome has in-built password management feature. It allows you to save and store username - password details of your web accounts at Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and much more. Once password is saved, you can login into web accounts quickly without having to

Create Master Password in Firefox 4 to protect saved passwords

Firefox allow users to save login information including username and password for various online services like email websites, online banking portals and more. With login details of websites stored in Firefox 4 browser itself, it is important to secure this information. If some other user

Add login password to Chrome browser

Just like any other browser, Google Chrome records your personal browsing data. It stores saved passwords for quick auto login into various web services. Besides Chrome cache details, it also has details of visited websites and other accessed online content. You can easily protect this and

Recover & reset Apple ID account password

If you have created Apple ID account long time back, you are most likely to have forgotten its login password. You can easily recover password of your Apple ID account by resetting it to new password. After reset of Apple ID account password, you may edit or change Apple ID, name, email

Generate list of passphrases & passwords

Pass'phrases' are long string of random words along with password. These are cryptographically secure pass'words' or pass'phrases' generated from word lists. If you happen to manage large user accounts, you can easily generate huge list of random passwords and password phrases. Based on

Block websites in Internet Explorer

Internet provide access to content of every type. Children and other young users must be protected from accessing content meant for mature audience. If you use Internet Explorer browser to surf websites, you can easily enforce strict access restrictions. IE browser allows you to add and

Generate secure passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome browser can be extended in terms of functionality with ease by installing relevant extensions. We have already seen usefulness of calculator within Chrome. You can also add fully featured password generator in Chrome browser. It allows you to generate secure and complex

Re-Create strong passwords from current passwords

Passwords are very important in online world while accessing web accounts of different services. It is important to have different and unique password for each web account. However, during this remembering all those passwords can be a big task. If you happen to use very common and weak