Write, store & share password protected encrypted text online

Do you want to share secret information with friends online? One easy way for this is to password protect the text you type with a password. No one can access that specific information without a password. iLocker is an online tool that allows storing and sharing of password protected

Reveal & see passwords hidden under asterisks

With so many applications and web services, one has to remembers loads of passwords. Sometimes, few passwords slip out of mind while they are still stored in different applications. In such situation, you can recover passwords hidden under asterisks using free utility Asterisk

Search default Router username & password

Router username and password is required to reset the router or to change router settings. Different models of router has different default username and passwords. If you are not sure about default login details of your router then head over to Router Passwords. It has database of

Encrypt & save text as password protected EXE File

Sometimes we need to save important text like bank account number, Credit card details etc on computer used by multiple users. You can add another layer of security to important text by encrypting and saving it as password protected exe file. You can easily do this using free utility MAXA

Recover password of Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk

There are times, we enter the password click on remember password button. While that application still remembers the password and allows you to login - we tend to forget it. Mail PassView is an excellent utility to recover passwords in such situation. This utility can extract username

UnLock protected RAR archive files via WinRAR Unlock

Just like Winzip (zip), winrar is another popular archive format. One can create locked WinRAR archive file using archive creators. Such files cannot be  modified by everyone and are protected from content changes. WinRAR unlock is a small utility that allows you to break this lock and

How to recover or view Dial-Up Internet password ?

'Dial-Up Networking' wizard feature is used to connect to internet via Dial-up procedure. Operating system allows you to save the password for auto-connect without you having to enter password for every connection session. Password is stored by the operating system and by default it

How to Recover Wireless Keys (WEP, WPA) on your PC ?

At times Wireless internet setup can be real pain. For starters, recovering wireless network keys can be bigger pain. WirelessKeyView is a small utility that can be real handy to recover Wireless network Keys. It recovers all wireless network keys (WEP

5+ Ways to Store & Manage Passwords on your PC

Keeping password safe is very important. Be it your email account password or online banking account password - one cannot afford to forget a password or lose it to a hacker. We have already seen ways to make a strong password and online tools to check password strength. So, after you

How to Password Protect or Lock a Specific Program?

There are number of free software available to password protect a folder like Lockbox and CleanerSoft Hide Folder software. How about a software to password protect a specific program or EXE file? EXE lock is a free and lite utility to password protect any program on the computer. This