Encrypt & save text as password protected EXE File


Sometimes we need to save important text like bank account number, Credit card details etc on computer used by multiple users. You can add another layer of security to important text by encrypting and saving it as password protected exe file. You can easily do this using free utility MAXA Text2Exe.

This does not require any installation and you can carry it around in USB drive. It opens a text editor in which you can  type your important text details. Then click file > Save as encrypted EXE. You will get pop-up window to enter password and a new encrypted EXE file is created.

Double click on newly created encrypted EXE file, you will get prompt to enter valid password. In this way, text contents can only be accessed if password for that file is known by the user- neat, isn’t it?  Download MAXA Text2Exe – 136Kb [link]


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