Convert BAT to EXE file, free converter

Are you looking for free program software to convert BAT file to EXE  file? Such conversion requires special program that can compile BAT file contents to generate an EXE file. After conversion an EXE file for actul program is generated to perform intended functionality. 1. F2Ko free Bat

Password protect photos with Lock Image

Lock Image is a portable open source tool to add password to photos. It convert any image into exe file laden with password protection. After adding password you can share the final EXE file of the image without any security concern. Other user has to enter correct password in order to

Convert audio / video to EXE self playing file [no codec & player]

One quick and easy way to share audio and videos files is converting them into self playing EXE files. "Audio/video to EXE" is a small utility that allow such conversion at a click of a button. After conversion you can play any audio and video file without worrying about audio / video

Encrypt & save text as password protected EXE File

Sometimes we need to save important text like bank account number, Credit card details etc on computer used by multiple users. You can add another layer of security to important text by encrypting and saving it as password protected exe file. You can easily do this using free utility MAXA

Free Install Creator to build Install File of any software

"... Spend your time developing your creations not building the installers." Install Creator is a fully functional free version of Install file creator. Using this, you can create installation file for your

Create EXE Files for format free file sharing

We share lot of files on daily basis and often bump into different file formats. From zip to rar to many other formats of compression are used to share files. Instead of zipping a file, you can create windows self-extracting compressed file for format free file sharing. BananaShrink is