Create EXE Files for format free file sharing


We share lot of files on daily basis and often bump into different file formats. From zip to rar to many other formats of compression are used to share files.

Instead of zipping a file, you can create windows self-extracting compressed file for format free file sharing. BananaShrink is a handy utility that allows you to create compressed exe files. Files created are little bigger than zip format but it has following merits:

  • It creates self-extracting compressed files, format free.
  • Self-extraction speed is slightly faster than zip uncompression.
  • Compression is 2 times faster than zip (Max level) compression.

Also, due to EXE limitations, a self-extracting file can not be bigger than 2GB. It allows you to select compression level, display title for resultant file and much more. Download BananaShrink [link] for creating self extracting compressed files on the fly.


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