Run Windows program software on MAC OSX system

Have you recently migrated from Windows to a MAC OSX system and sorely missing your favorite Windows program software on MAC? Besides every so popular Wine, you can try "WineBottler" program for MAC. It allows you to run Windows program on MAC systems by bottling them into separate

Check if Windows 7 work on specific Software & Hardware

We have already seen Windows 7 buying Guide answering basic questions. Microsoft has released upgrade advisor to check if Windows 7 can work on your existing computer. Extending on the same, it has launched Windows 7 Compatibility center with detailed listing of compatible hardware and

Is my computer compatible for Windows 7, Vista, IE?

Are you thinking of installing new version of Internet Explorer or latest Windows Update? Do you want to make sure, new software addition wont turn things bad on the computer? Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit can help you analyse and check for compatibility issue that may arise

Create EXE Files for format free file sharing

We share lot of files on daily basis and often bump into different file formats. From zip to rar to many other formats of compression are used to share files. Instead of zipping a file, you can create windows self-extracting compressed file for format free file sharing. BananaShrink is

How to Check Software Compatibility on Win Vista?

So, you got new computer with Windows Vista and now all set to install your favorite software and required drivers. Have you checked software compatibility of these programs with Windows Vista? Head over to Microsoft's Windows Vista Compatibility Center, it lists and labels thousands of