Turn off picture compression in MS Word

Picture compression is a useful feature to reduce size of images inside MS Word document. The final size of Word document is reduced as a result smaller sized compressed photos. At times, you may want to display highest quality images and not low quality images as a result of picture

Compress photos in MS Word to reduce document size

Image optimization and compression is very important routine to share lot of photos without too much file size or data transfer. Picture compression allows you to reduce color format, allowing smaller sized photos without too much lose in picture quality. You can compress pictures

Compress & reduce size of PowerPoint 2010 slideshow

PowerPoint slideshows provide rich visual medium to showcase and explain about any topic. However, with lot of style elements, images, video embeds - final size of PowerPoint slideshow presentation file can be very big. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has 'Compress Media' feature for reducing

How to Zip, Unzip files & folder on Windows

[Back to Basics] Zip format is a handy way to share lot of files and folders in the form of a single file. Windows has in-built functionality that allows you to create zip files containing any specific files and folders. Also, you can open zip archive file without any need to install or

Compress & reduce GIF image size

GIF is a popular image format used for animated images. Due to animation and dynamic effect, these tend to be of large file sizes. You can reduce file size of a GIF image by compressing and optimizing it. Trout's GIF Optimizer is a free portable tool for quick GIF image optimization for

How to create RAR files on Windows, Mac

Just like ZIP compression format, RAR is another similar archive compression format. RAR is an acronym for Roshal Archive, inspired by the name of its developer: Eugene Roshal. Created RAR archive files have .RAR file extension. WinRAR is best software application to create and open RAR

What is DjVu file format

DjVu is a file format for very high resolution images of scanned documents, digital documents and photographs. It is a new image compression technology developed since 1996 at AT&T Labs to allow saving of high resolution documents containing text, images in least amount of size.

Check JPEG image Quality setting of photos

JPEG Image format is highly flexible and its can be compressed to great levels. More compression result in less JPEG image size (with less visual quality of the image). Photo manipulation software like Photoshop has settings that allows you to configure exact JPEG image quality output in

Compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code with Digua

Digua is a free utility to compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code. It helps produce compressed code with less size thereby resulting into optimized and faster website. It can automatically compress HTML, Javascript & CSS files contained in a specific folder. It compresses code by

Compress & Shrink Portable Apps with AppCompactor

For starters, portable apps are applications / utilities that are truly portable, which you can carry and use from a USB flash drive, iPod, memory card, portable hard drive or other portable devices. AppCompactor is a cool app that allows you to compress and shrink portable apps you

Create EXE Files for format free file sharing

We share lot of files on daily basis and often bump into different file formats. From zip to rar to many other formats of compression are used to share files. Instead of zipping a file, you can create windows self-extracting compressed file for format free file sharing. BananaShrink is