Compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code with Digua


Digua is a free utility to compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code. It helps produce compressed code with less size thereby resulting into optimized and faster website. It can automatically compress HTML, Javascript & CSS files contained in a specific folder. It compresses code by removing unneccessary whitespace and newline characters.


Features of Digua Code compressor

1. Obfuscation & compression of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.
2. Automatic processing of entire directories containing files.
3. It removes whitespace, newline characters & comments.
4. Renames HTML IDs, CSS classes, JavaScript variables, labels, functions.
5. It saves translations for future use.

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You can select folder containing files and then click on specific tab among HTML, CSS, javascript depending of type of selected files. It also support drag drop processing of files with drop zone. Download Digua to compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code files quickly. Handy and useful tool for webmasters & bloggers!


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