Take visual feedback for new blog or website design


Did you create a new design for your blog or website? Need a quick feedback without having to send new design details to each friend and receive un-structured feedback? FiveSecondTest website makes this all easy and allows anyone give feedback on your new or existing website or blog design.


To get started, take screenshot of your new website or blog design. It should not be more than 960px in width or height. Upload the screenshot to FiveSecondTest website and select type of test among classic test or click test. Classic test allows you to see design for 5 seconds and then provide feedback on what you like and remember about it. While Click test allows you to click on specific areas of layout and provide feedback accordingly.


After you click on Create my Test button, you will get a unique URL (like http://fivesecondtest.com/test/Jn1iK3vS). You can share this URL with your friends and allow them provide feedback about new website or blog design quickly. You can view feedback from all the friends in one interface and even export data as excel file for further analysis. Checkout FiveSecondTest to gather visual feedback of new design without bells and whistles!


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