Use Google Font Directory for stylish fonts on website

Tired of using usual fonts like verdana, arial, times roman on your website or blog? You can have creative font blast using cool free fonts in Google Font Directory. It lists open source fonts that can be used on any website or blog by adding few lines of code. No need to download fonts to

Test your browser online for HTML5 support

HTML5 is new emerging web standard the promises lot of new things for web designers and developers. It introduces lot of new tags allowing easy and better rendering of basic / advanced visual effects to webpages. Being new, even modern browser do not fully support HTML5 standards. You can

Switch between Old & New Orkut design

Its been 24 hours trying out new Orkut design. Besides being refreshing, now Orkut pages loads much quicker than before. While new design is all cool, some users may still want to stick to old Orkut design. Checkout following quick ways to toggle between old and new Orkut design. Switch

Create Pure CSS drop down menus [horizontal & vertical]

Navigationl menu is an integral part of any website or blog layout. Drop down menus are neat looking and allows you to show more links in less space. "Pure CSS Menu Maker" is free software to create cool looking customized drop down menus. You can create horizontal or vertical menus with

Take visual feedback for new blog or website design

Did you create a new design for your blog or website? Need a quick feedback without having to send new design details to each friend and receive un-structured feedback? FiveSecondTest website makes this all easy and allows anyone give feedback on your new or existing website or blog

Test website online in different browsers at Adobe Labs

Web designers are familiar with problems different web browsers cause to their web design creations. Internet Explorer 6 is most notorious for sending web design for a toss and breaking up the look of a website. Adobe Labs has launched online web service to check for website look in

Scribble graffiti on any webapge with mouse

Do you want to vandalize your favorite website or webpage without too much fuss? Scribblet is a bookmarklet [30 more bookmarklets] that allows you to become instant grafitti artist with webpage being your canvas. Open any webpage, click the bookmarklet and start vandalizing that webpage.

Google Reader get fresh look with less color & curves

Google Reader just lost its curves and color for new crispy fresh look. Today, when Google Reader window came up - it loaded very quickly with lot of white instead of blue. First thought, my internet connection is buggy and didn't allow style images to load. Well, there was a message at

Check blog/website look & design in different browsers

More and more people are using browser other than Internet Explorer. Firefox is the front runner in non-Microsoft browser. As a blogger or webmaster it is very important that your blog/site has consistent look in all browsers. Unfortunately, you have to put in some extra tags to achieve