Create simple HTML webpages online in Google Drive

For starters, creating HTML webpages can be big and confusing task. Gone are days, when we use to open Notepad editor and start typing HTML code for webpage creation. Now there are so many free tools available for quick HTML webpage generation. Google Drive Docs provide free online

How to make webpage Hyperlink open in new Window

By default, majority of hyperlinks open in the same browsing window. We can easily make such links open in new window by adding "_blank" target tag to the hyperlink code. After code modifications, click on the hyperlink will open the target webpage in new browser window. Code to open

Create HTML webpage from text file

Do you want to create quick HTML webpage containing only text content? Free utility txt2html can help make HTML page in few simple clicks without any need of even basic HTML knowledge. It can generate simple HTML webpage from any txt document that you can upload and share anywhere on the

Create HTML webpage of Folder contents with file hyperlinks

At times it becomes difficult to track specific file contained in a folder. One better way to index and shows contents of a folder is by generating automatic HTML webpage showing folder contents. Folder2Hyperlinks tool make this all easy by creating HTML webpage of selected folder contents

Convert doc, docx Word document into HTML

For starters, creating HTML webpage can be a huge manual task. ValmaWord program makes this all easy by converting Microsoft Word (doc, docx, txt) document into HTML format. This free tools allows you to view any text or Word document in HTML format with number of features for output

Make list of folder contents, copy to Clipboard & print

Manually typing content listing of each folder on the computer can take lot of time and effort. DriveZ is a free portable utility that allows you to automatically list contents of any folder. You can copy complete listing to the clipboard, which can be further saved as a text file or

Compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code with Digua

Digua is a free utility to compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code. It helps produce compressed code with less size thereby resulting into optimized and faster website. It can automatically compress HTML, Javascript & CSS files contained in a specific folder. It compresses code by

Disable mouse right click on webpage using Javascript

You must have come across websites where mouse right click function does not work. Do you want to add similar functionality to your webpage? It is very easy to implement using simple javascript file in your webpage. "No Right click on page" page provide you the javascript to

Clean HTML errors with HTML Validator Firefox plugin

We have already seen standalone HTML validator application to check for errors in HTML files. If love browsing and do it all in Firefox then you can use HTML Validator Firefox plugin. It shows number of errors and warning as an icon at the bottom right part of the Firefox window. You can

Validate & check HTML file errors with free Validator

HTML files can contain lot of tags in order to generate properly formatted text. Due to syntax complexity one can commit lot of mistakes while writing an HTML file resulting in error laden HTML webpage. You can easily check for syntax and other errors in HTML files and validate them

Generate HTML index file for folder / drive contents

Do you want to see contents of a specific folder or drive in the form of working HTML file? DirHTML is a handy application that quickly creates HTML index files with neat listing of content of a folder or drive. It displays content in a neat tabulated HTML file containing click-able links

Create & edit HTML, CSS, PHP files in online editor

Encoder is a web based code editor application that allows you to create and edit different type of files including HTML, CSS, PHP and many more. It does not require any file install and you can get started with coding job within web browser [IE6 not supported]. Also, it does not