Compress & reduce GIF image size


GIF is a popular image format used for animated images. Due to animation and dynamic effect, these tend to be of large file sizes. You can reduce file size of a GIF image by compressing and optimizing it. Trout’s GIF Optimizer is a free portable tool for quick GIF image optimization for reduction of file size.

GIF image compression & optimization

1. Download Trout’s GIF Optimizer tool.
2. Unzip and then double click to launch this GIF optimizer.
3. Drag GIF image to application window or goto File > Open to load GIF image in the application.

4. It will automatically optimize selected GIF image and you can preview original & optimized GIF image within application.

This should help in optimizing majority of GIF images. Alternatively, you can resize GIF image dimension for overall reduction in GIF image file size. This method is most effect for animated GIF image created from static images.


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