Compress & reduce GIF image size

GIF is a popular image format used for animated images. Due to animation and dynamic effect, these tend to be of large file sizes. You can reduce file size of a GIF image by compressing and optimizing it. Trout's GIF Optimizer is a free portable tool for quick GIF image optimization for

Reduce size of images online, convert into loseless PNG format

Size of images displayed and shared online is very important. Bigger the size, more time it will take to display or download an image. We have already seen cool web service for online image optimization and size reduction. PunyPNG is another online tool for image

Optimize Images online, Just smush it – Damn simple!

Image optimization is very important as it can result in faster blog / website and help you save precious bandwidth and resources. We have already seen 5 Killer ways to optimize Images and here is another one "Smush it!". While you can optimize images using any image

5 Killer ways to Optimize Images for better ShowOff

We deal with images on daily basis. Images can be saved in different formats depending on the basic architecture of the image. Optimizing images is very important as Optimized Images: Load faster and hence a faster blog or website. It save precious resources like bandwidth, server