Reduce size of images online, convert into loseless PNG format


Size of images displayed and shared online is very important. Bigger the size, more time it will take to display or download an image. We have already seen cool web service for online image optimization and size reduction. PunyPNG is another online tool for image optimization.


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It converts any uploaded image into loseless PNG format resulting is significant reduction in overall image size. To get started:

1. Open PunyPNG website.
2. Click upload button and select image you want to optimize.
3. It will display the original and puny (optimized) size of uploaded image.

You can click download button to grab the optimized (less size) PNG format version of your uploaded image. It clearly states %age reduction in size using PunyPNG optimization. Very good web service to optimize image on the fly without having to install or learn hi-fi optimization software. Works fine for JPG, PNG and GIF image formats, tryout!


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