How to find animated gif images on Google

Google Search provide lot of options to refine and filter search results for specific requirements like finding PDF files, vintage music tracks, line drawings and much more. Google  has added new option of animated gif images to Google Images Search. Using this 'animated' option to can

Compress & reduce GIF image size

GIF is a popular image format used for animated images. Due to animation and dynamic effect, these tend to be of large file sizes. You can reduce file size of a GIF image by compressing and optimizing it. Trout's GIF Optimizer is a free portable tool for quick GIF image optimization for

Create GIF image from multiple photos online

Do you want to quickly create a simple animated GIF image without installing any software? CreateAgif is an online tool that allows quick creation of GIF image from multiple photos. Being an online tool, it does not require any software download / install or any need to login /

Add animated Water reflection effect to photos

We have seen number of tools and services to add static reflection effect to images in few simple clicks. "Water Effect" is a cool online tool to add reflection effect to any uploaded image. Output is not boring static image but an animated moving water reflection GIF image - which looks

Resize GIF images with free portable resizer tool

We can easily resize static JPG, BMP & PNG images using different applications like Windows tool, batch resizer to online resizer tools. Same is not possible for animated GIF images. Any attempt to resize GIF images results in static resized images. However, GIF Resizer portable tool

How to extract & download static photos from animated GIF image?

Animated GIF images look cool (like "Harry Potter & the half blood prince" on the right). Do you want to extract and download static photos from an animated GIF image? This process may require lot of effort and advance software. Not really, you can perform this extraction online in

Add cool GIF animation effect to images online with Loogix

We have seen number of simple and easy to use online tools to add animation effect like TextAnim, Animasher, Smirk and so on. If you do not wanted to download those usual animated images and want to add animation to personal photos then head over to Loogix. It is a user friendly online

Enter Name & Get Avatar image, simple name to pic !

Want to see your probable face? 'Turn your name into a face' is a simple web tool that does what its name says. You only need to enter your name and click 'Into a Face' button. You will see unique avatar image (hopefully) for

Create Video Icons & Gif Images online with Smirk

Want to create a quick Video icon or animated gif image of yourself? Well, grab your webcam and head over to 'smirk'. It provides an easy platform to make video icon and gif images using your webcam. You can add different moods

Create Glow & Glitter Cool Looking Text with GlowTxt

GlowTxt is very simple and effective online tool to create and render cool looking glow and glitter text effects. Just like TextAnim results are refined and very pleasing to eyes. To get started, type the text you want to appear

Create Animated Gif with TextAnim, Damn simple !

We have already seen loads of web tools to create animated GIFs online with ease. From making animated GIF loader images to TOP 5 web tools to make GIF online, here is another to the list 'TextAnim'. It is as easy as it gets. A damn simple web tool for creating cool animated GIF images.