Create Glow & Glitter Cool Looking Text with GlowTxt


GlowTxt is very simple and effective online tool to create and render cool looking glow and glitter text effects. Just like TextAnim results are refined and very pleasing to eyes.

To get started, type the text you want to appear – then select the background color and size option among small, medium, large etc. Also, select any of the text effect from drop down box.

Click on create text, you will get preview and download button for the resultant image. There are number effect you can play around with, however you need to have patience to test each effect as their is no pre-preview for effect(s) being used.

GlowTxt is one quick way to make glitter text and to spice up your profile on forums, social websites etc. Also check other cool web services for interesting photo and text effects like PhotoFunia and Museumr.



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