Add password to compressed zip file in WinZip

Winzip is popular way to compress and share files with ease. It also has encryption capability allowing you to protect sensitive data or documents contained in an archives file. Encrypted winzip files can only be viewed by users with correct password for the protected winzip archive file.

How to add password to Microsoft Word Document

Many use Microsoft Word program to write down important thing like writing dairy or confidential data at office. Sometimes, we need to type secret or confidential data that should not be seen by everyone. This can be done by adding password protection to a Microsoft Word document

How to generate strong WEP key

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) keys are used to protect wireless connection setup. You can generate WEP keys of different lengths like 64, 128, 152, 256 bits. A strong WEP key is a healthy mix of random numbers and letters. It is always recommended to use long and complex WEP key to secure

Hide files & folders on Windows [invisible mode]

Windows being multi user operating system, every user want to keep important files and folders invisible from other users. There are number of tools to hide files and folders on Windows 7, Vista and XP operating system. Hidden folders cannot be seen by other users and hence easily prevent

Generate multiple username & password

Username, password are very important in online world to login and use different web services. We have seen number of tools to generate random and complex passwords. "Username/Password Generator" is a free tool that helps generate complex and secure combination of username and passwords.

View saved passwords in Google Chrome

Like many modern web browsers, Google Chrome also has feature to auto save passwords for web accounts. Google Chrome can capture your username and password while you login first time into web account (like Gmail, Facebook). Next time you try to login into same web account, it offers to

Generate complex multiple passwords

Creating, entering and remembering passwords is an important online routine for majority of computer users. We need complex and secure passwords for web accounts of different services, email accounts etc. We have already seen handy utility MyKeyGen to for generating random passwords.

Random number key generator for secure passwords

Short on ideas to generate unique number to serve as password? MyKeyGen is a small portable utility to get enough ideas, inspiration and random numbers to be your next password for any application or service access. It can generate random numbers including different digits and

Password protect photos with Lock Image

Lock Image is a portable open source tool to add password to photos. It convert any image into exe file laden with password protection. After adding password you can share the final EXE file of the image without any security concern. Other user has to enter correct password in order to

Portable USB Password manager, Sisma

Remembering passwords is a daily routine for every computer user. There is password for email accounts, system access, websites and other web services. Sisma is a portable password manager that allows you to manage all your passwords on the go in a USB drive. Being portable, it does not

Recover Login passwords stored in Google Chrome

Like any other web browser, Google Chrome also has feature to store login details for different websites of user browsing internet through Chrome browser. Chrome Password Decryptor is a free and easy to use utility to recover and see passwords stored in Google Chrome for logging into