Generate multiple username & password


Username, password are very important in online world to login and use different web services. We have seen number of tools to generate random and complex passwords. “Username/Password Generator” is a free tool that helps generate complex and secure combination of username and passwords. It saves generated username, password information in a spreadsheet file.

Generate & Save Username, password Info

1. Download Username/Password Generator tool.
2. Install the program and launch it for use.
3. Enter the ‘username base’ like David909
4. Select the number of characters for password length.
5. Enter complex password key like $32dzds@2


6. Select number of user names to generate.
7. If more than 1 “username to generate” is selected then clicking “Generate”button will pop up window to save spreadsheet with generated usernames and passwords.

You can use this tool to generate over 250 random and complex username and password combinations. Ideal generator while trying to create login information for multiple users.


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