Remove username from Start menu on Windows 7

Username of logged in user is displayed on the Start Menu on Windows 7 computer. Do you want to hide or remove display of username of account on the start menu? You can easily remove username on the start menu by customizing 'Start Menu' settings in few simple clicks. Windows 7: Hide

Change Digg profile username URL

Digg has been very popular social bookmarking website which has been relaunched with new interface and features. Newer Digg is more simpler and provide better connectivity with other social networking websites. If you are an old Digg user and now wants to actively use Digg with same

Generate multiple username & password

Username, password are very important in online world to login and use different web services. We have seen number of tools to generate random and complex passwords. "Username/Password Generator" is a free tool that helps generate complex and secure combination of username and passwords.

Wipe last login username from Windows login prompt

In a multi user Windows environment, Windows login prompt shows the last logged in username. If you are concerned about security and want to hide tracks - you can wipe out the last logged in username display using "Clear Name" utility. Download Clear Name utility, unzip the file and

Prevent registeration of specific usernames on Facebook

Facebook is all set to open up registeration of vanity (or custom URLs) for its users like However, with so many users with similar names and people ready to latch on usernames resembling top brands - Facebook is tightening the username registration process. Top

Check username / vanity URL on 120 social websites

KnowEm website makes it easy to check if a specific username or vanity URL is available on different social media websites or not. Just enter any username and hit the check username button. It will check for that specific username on top 120 popular social media websites and indicate the

Search default Router username & password

Router username and password is required to reset the router or to change router settings. Different models of router has different default username and passwords. If you are not sure about default login details of your router then head over to Router Passwords. It has database of