Enable https for secure Facebook browsing


Do you want to browse and use Facebook website more securely? Then switch to https SSL encrypted mode from default http mode. SSL encryption prevents hackers and sniffers from intercepting your data when Facebook website is used in such encrypted mode. You can enable https setting for your Facebook account from ‘Account Security’ options.

Turn ON https settings for Facebook

1. After Facebook login, goto Account > Account Settings at top right.

2. Then look for ‘Account security’ option on Settings webpage. Click Change button next to Account Security option to view more options.

3. Under ‘Secure Browsing (https)’ click to enable option “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”

4. Then click Save button to activate default https settings for Facebook account (whenever possible).

Don’t see this option? Facebook is rolling out this feature slowly to all users. You should see this option in coming weeks, alternatively you can force http to https switch in Firefox and Chrome browser using respective addons.



  1. aufhoeren zu rauchen says

    Does this https really make it more secure? I don’t get it, I dont think I have ever used it and had no problems. How does it really prevent hackers stealing my FB identity?

  2. how do i turn off secure browsing (https)? because its a bit annoying every time i want to play my game it makes my turn it off temperarily! please help!!

  3. Thanks for the post. It would be a great help for me since I am an avid user Facebook. It would help me in securing my account. It would feel me calm by this. I would have to inform my friends about it. For sure they will love it as well. Keep on posting such useful information. I would love to visit it every day.

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