View full URL bar with http & https in Firefox 7

Version 7 of Firefox browser is now available for download. Once you install this new version, first noticeable thing will be loading speed. Now Firefox opens much faster and render webpages quickly. Next thing that might catch your eye is the URL address bar not showing full URL. By

Enable https on Twitter account

Now you can access Twitter website in more secure environment by enabling https setting. This enhances security and protects against possible hacking even when Twitter website is accessed on unsecured wifi internet connection. You can turn on https setting for your Twitter account from

Enable https for secure Facebook browsing

Do you want to browse and use Facebook website more securely? Then switch to https SSL encrypted mode from default http mode. SSL encryption prevents hackers and sniffers from intercepting your data when Facebook website is used in such encrypted mode. You can enable https setting for your

Secure Hotmail with https SSL settings

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted connections allow more secured transfer over network. Many web services and websites use SSL encryption for more security from hackers and other malicious elements on the internet. https is more secured version as compared to http and you can even force

Automatic http to https redirection in Firefox & Chrome

Be default, http version of websites are loaded in a web browser. You can make web browsing more secure by using https ecrypted version of websites. Only selective websites offer ecrypted https version for accessing their content. If you are Firefox users, then you can automate redirection