Filter Facebook news feed updates


Are you missing on new updates from specific friends on Facebook? This could be possible if option to show news feed updates only from Facebook friends you interact the most is enabled. This options is very useful as you see fewer (easily digestible) news updates that interest you most. However, you can revert to viewing news feed updates from all friends and even block updates from specific friends or pages.

Customizing news updates from Facebook friends

1. After Facebook login, click down arrow key next to Most Recent option and then click Edit Options at bottom of pop-up menu.

Alternatively, you can scroll to bottom of Facebook page and click Edit Option button at bottom right part.

2. You should see ‘Edit your News Feed Settings’ dialog box. Select the desired option from drop down box next to “Show posts from” among: Friends and pages you interact with most or all your friends and pages.

3. You can also hide specific friend or page updates from showing in your Facebook news feed. Just click X at top right part of feed update from specific friend or page.

They will be added and displayed in “Hide Posts from” box as above. You can Click X in the box listing to show updates again from those Facebook friends or pages.

You can customize your Facebook news feed updates in above simple steps and track only updates of your interest.


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