How to send free SMS from Yahoo Mail to any mobile?

Yahoo Mail new interface makes it real easy in sending free SMS to any mobile phone. There is no registration, you only need two things: a free Yahoo Mail account and mobile phone number where you want to send the free SMS. To get started, you need to switch from classic Yahoo Mail to new

Send Free SMS from Gmail Chat anywhere in US

Google (Gmail) has been busy with free SMS feature for a while now. Google claims to have resolved all bottlenecks and now this service is all cheese atleast within United States. So, from here on you can send free SMS from

How to set ‘I am on SMS” in Yahoo Messenger?

If you set Yahoo account on 'I am on SMS', then your Yahoo messenger friends can send you free SMS. When you are offline, your friends will see 'Im on SMS' next to your ID. They can click on your ID and send message which you will receive on your mobile phone. This is all free, you

5+ Ways to send Free SMS anywhere in the World

Urge and need to stay connected is never ending. With mobile scene getting bigger, more and more people are trying to interface communication between 'the web' and 'mobile phone'. Sending Free SMS via web to mobile phone is new fab which is slowly turning into fashion of sorts. There